Meeting with Ella

Myself and Ella met today and came up with a concluding plan.

This is a copy of the email we sent to Sean and Mairead;

We have met today and have decided on a final plan. Vaguely we are going to be dividing our session into 3 activities which will be:

Bug Hunt We want to use the bug hotel and the outdoor forest to capture some bugs for later on. We will need magnifying glasses, containers and something to capture the bugs? Do you think a checklist card would be too much?

Digiscopes We will go indoors for this part. We will get the children to adopt the role of scientists, would it be ok if we borrow the lab coats that the heart group are ordering? We plan on using digiscopes to look closely at the bugs. How many digiscopes would you recommend us to attach to laptops?

Designing our own bugs We are going to divide the children up into groups. How many children will roughly be in the session? Each group will pick out a card to reveal a habitat which they will then have to design a bug for the habitat. For this we will need art supplies, for example, playdough and straws.

Our main focus for EYFS is Learning Outside of the class room.

Resource List • Magnifying glasses (defo) • Containers/bug catchers (defo) • Checklist cards (possibly?) • Digiscopes (defo) • Laptops • Labcoats (possibly?) • Petri-dishes (possibly?) • Habitat cards (possibly?) • Art Supplies

We want to come in for a practise soon, it doesn’t matter if we don’t do the whole thing, for example if the digiscopes haven’t arrived. We just want to come in for a general feel of how our lesson will go. What week would be best for you?

2 thoughts on “Meeting with Ella

  1. Reblogged this on Early Years Explorers and commented:
    Really great ideas here, you clearly have been thinking around what is required. We can flesh out the questions more at the conference on Saturday. Learning outside the classroom is a very powerful teaching tool, Montessori schools have a key element as outdoor learning and it is a useful area to read further on. Well done!


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